Small Sculpture Maquette Scagawea started in Clayette

Shot a quick video using my ipad of the progress on Sacagawea. I'm going to be getting an adapter for my tripod so I will try shooting video of some of the actual work being done soon. My goal with this piece is to making a sculpture that is smaller and more intimate than a lot of heroic sculpture depicting Sacagawea. A hero is someone who does something in spite of fear and that is what I will be portraying.

Taken from her family by a violent attack at as a young girl, sold, likely abused and mistreated and now a young mother acting as guide to Lewis and Clark. What must she have felt when she first came across her homelands and what remained of her tribe and her family?

I would imagine that she would have some fear, anticipation, butterflies in her stomach. I am going to position her so as she might be peering around a tree, afraid of what she'll find - hopeful of what she'll find.

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